About Us

At MH London, we believe in the notion of ‘affordable luxury’. Heavily inspired by classic, eclectic silhouettes with modern twists, our furniture and home décor inspire originality.

We build our products with lots of love and even more hard work. Beginning from mindfully designed prototypes to detailed and laborious handcrafting to final intensive testing phases.

We are trying to redefine the furniture retail industry by designing timeless, relevant and high-end collections. We do this by working directly with manufacturers to bring practical-luxury lifestyle to everyone, everywhere at an affordable price! Each product we make is not only unique but also our pride! Hope you like it as much as we do!


MH management demonstrates hands-on experience in producing and sourcing high quality home fashion products for the US and European markets for more than 20 years. MH collaborated with larger, more integrated manufacturing units in India & China to cater to a larger volume turnaround for the World retail and online market.


Continuously strive to be a leader in the home fashion, furniture and home wares industry through innovation in design excellence, quality innovation and business processes. We leverage the best available technological innovations and efficiency to the delight of our customers.


We value long lasting relationship with our customers and understand that it takes years to create a healthy business relationship and seconds to lose it. It is our continuous endeavor to build strong and mutually beneficial connections with our customers so they take pride in becoming our brand ambassadors.


Sustainability is a cornerstone upon which our company is built. The natural materials we use to make our product range are highly renewable. But, this will only remain if we insist on the implementation of responsible harvesting standards and manufacturing methods. We take our shared stewardship of the environment seriously and work diligently with our factories and suppliers to source only natural materials that are harvested and processed in an environmentally sensitive manner.


Sourcing, manufacturing and importing are complex global processes. MH is happy to assist its retail customers and other businesses to navigate through this continually changing environment. We understand the cultural, regulatory and trading nuances that are critical in global trade. We maintain local offices in India and China and our sourcing teams are regularly monitoring the raw material input costs and other regional economic and political conditions to ensure we are at the right place at the right time. Our sourcing team travels the world to reinforce our strict quality expectations and help build long-term relationships with the factories we work with.


Custom Product Design
Sourcing and Manufacturing
Importing and Shipping
Warehousing and Distribution
Product Testing
Quality Control
Factory Audits


Existing Suppliers are encouraged to submit a Compliance Survey for providing their input/feedback or lesson learned to help us improve product quality, communication, processes, and internal controls.